Lauren Garcka

Operations Director

Lauren is our Operations Director, overseeing the Back Office function and managing a team of three. Following a successful 11 years in the industry, Lauren has an extensive knowledge of the recruitment lifecycle and is an integral part of the business effectivity at Insight. Typical mandates the team focus on are reviewing and issuing permanent and temporary contracts, drafting terms of business and NDA’s, financial reporting such as tracking team budgets and P&L’s, monthly and weekly invoicing, in-house HR queries etc.

Lauren is an absolute pleasure to work with. We both worked together for just under two years in the Contracts/Compliance department assisting in managing the affairs of a group of companies with turnover in excess of £300m. (2017) In addition to being a highly valued technical professional, Lauren is simply great to work with and can provide the contractual, legal and operational support a large organisation’s departments require in a friendly, down to earth manner. I would not think twice about working with Lauren again and would gladly recommend her to any organisation that is serious about hiring the best talent. – Ex Manager