Our team are constantly building new relationships with both clients and candidates.  We enjoy receiving feedback from our customers on the service they have received to ensure we can maintain the same quality each and every time we work with them.

1 Testimonial 1

“I have worked with many recruitment companies over the last 12 years, and would highly recommend employing Insights services.

They succeeded, where others have failed. Honesty, integrity and matching of candidates to difficult to fill roles, was exemplary.

Insight is highly flexible and listened to my ever-changing requirements, offering high quality candidates to hard to fill vacancies. Their professional enthusiastic approach at all stages, encouraged me to continue to work with them, and them alone.

If you are looking for a passionate, dedicated recruiter, who will go above and beyond, finding you the perfect candidate – look no further”

Operations Director

“Insight Select has taken all the stress out of the recruitment process they have taken the time to really get to know our business and has consistently come up with candidates who not only match the skills and experience needed for that specific role but also fits in to the team and the company culture. They are always honest and keep us fully informed throughout the recruitment process, they are able to supply candidates for even some of the trickiest vacancies in a timely manner. I highly recommend working with Insight Select for your recruitment needs.”

HR Manager
3 Testimonial 2

When I first started my career in recruitment, I had no experience whatsoever and was trained by Stuart. Stuart heavily invested in my training and gave me a really strong foundation to build upon. He made sure I used best practices at all times and that has stuck with me until this day. As a Recruitment Consultant, Stuart is incredibly successful. He listens to his clients’ needs and adapts his approach accordingly. Stuart has a unique ability to build relationships with his clients resulting in them coming back to him year after year. Thank you Stuart – I owe you a lot!


“Very generous company with a great atmosphere, supportive and friendly colleagues.”

“Our team is fantastic, they are passionate, engaging and really care about providing an excellent service to our clients.”

“Everyone is happy to help and support across the team.”

“Quarterly & Yearly Incentives, regular team bonding nights out.”

“Fun Vibrant office & weekly running club.”

“Everyone shares a collective goal and motivates each other to do well.”

“We are all encouraged to voice our opinions.”

The Team
5 Testimonial 3

Insight Consultants are very thorough and skilled and I cannot recommend them more! They will not mismatch a job to your skillset as they carry a lot of integrity and pride in their work and are super conscientious in terms of keeping all parties up to date. It was really lovely to have been placed by them

Permanent Candidate